TAKE ACTION Ohio – Oppose H.B. 439: Offenders “Get Out of Jail Free” Bill

Urge Lawmakers to Say “NO” to Ohio House Bill 439

Ohio H.B. 439 virtually eliminates the fundamental and constitutional right to bail in criminal cases and simultaneously lets hardened criminals out of jail for free – because a computer said so.  The Bill eliminates judicial discretion in bail setting – instead relying on a “black-box” algorithm designed with one goal in mind – FREE release with no bail. This Bill will create a system of “catch and release” and burden our already overworked police departments.

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SAY NO to Senate Bill H.B. 439 


  1. Vote No, cause when people feel there nothing to worry about to get out of jail they feel they can commit crimes more because they get right out without Hardly anything to stop them to make them think about it which is a bar and sometimes with them sit near to have to get money to do a by potentially can make I’m not even one commit the crime

  2. I wanted to share this again, but the link is not working. Once you fill in all of your info and clink continue, you are given an error message. I would like to share this again with all of my agents, family, and friends.

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