1. Christi never contacted the police chiefs or anyone with knowledge of the bail business he is a disgrace. The police do there job with their hands behind there back and have to release on ROR criminals who go and commit the same crimes again it make NO Sense

  2. This amendment to the NJ criminal reform is a good common sense soluation to a huge miscarriage of justice. The messenge this present system sets is that nonviolent crime is essentially decriminalized. I for one, doubt that this reflects the morals and desires of the citizens of NJ. Hopefully cooler heads prevail.

    Tony sylvester
    Owner Sly Bailbonds

  3. That’s a lie that it’s no supervision the condition is more intense then probation & parole minus the drug screening. 2nd u could’ve been out of trouble 10 years plus and still get a high school for your past even if it’s municipal. The bail reform is a failure cause if u don’t get out u basically guilty till proven innocent

  4. Who assessed Christopher Benvenuto was not A. A risk to the community, nor a flight risk? He’d already taken a plea to be incarcerated – for distribution. He was out on 150000 bond. No ten percent. No job. Middle of divorce proceedings. No kids. Full restraining order. Specifically a person NOT TO HAVE WEAPONS OF ANY KIND. and, is ROR. Then flees. Then, turns himself in sept 22. Already sentanced for the aug 9 arrest. Weapons charges dropped. You tell me what I’m missing.

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