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Take Action Against California Senate Bill 10

Senate Bill 10 is a radical shift in California’s criminal justice system that is a bipartisan bad idea.  This is why similar legislation was rejected by the California Assembly last year.  But, the push for Senate Bill 10 is continuing this legislative session, and Californians need to be aware of what Senate Bill 10 does and to let their voices be heard on it.

Senate Bill 10 relies on using computerized risk algorithms to determine who gets bail in California.  Yet, there have been serious criticisms of such algorithms from several different viewpoints.  In fact, 115 Civil Rights Groups have come out in opposition of using risk assessments in pretrial release – a key component in Senate Bill 10.

First, the jury is in on these risk assessments and the fact that they are biased and will increase racial disparity in the system.

Second, they produce head-scratching results such as the Twin Peaks shooting case in San Francisco, where a risk assessment counted a prior felon in possession of a firearm as low risk.

Third, they have not proven to reduce mass incarceration—in Kentucky, who has been using a leading algorithm for years which is also used in California, the result was a “trivial” decrease in the jail population.

Senate Bill 10 also creates pre-conviction probation statewide in California.  That will be hugely costly—hundreds of millions of dollars.  This will involve putting innocent defendants on all kinds of correctional technology, from monitoring their blood chemistry, putting them on house arrest, and putting GPS units on their person.  Senate Bill 10 is designed to do that—to provide a free electronic dragnet to ensnare defendants and set them up for failure all in the name of trying to eliminate the right to post a bail and be free from state interference until conviction.

On the public safety side, eliminating bail from the system along with the creation of a new statewide bureaucracy will overtax the system, triggering a revolving door of arrests in California, further weakening the system.

In systems where bail has been eliminated, people simply thumb their nose at the system.  While many reforms to the criminal justice system are needed, weakening accountability at the front end of the system by removing incentives to get criminal cases resolved is not the answer in California.  Of course, the Little Hoover Commission in 2013 recommended a slate of reforms that the Legislature has ignored, including taking steps to reduce the amount of bail required in California, which could be done safely and effectively.

Senate Bill 10 is too radical for California.  Take action to stop it, and let California legislators know that now is not time for this dangerous legislation.

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  1. SB-10 does not take into consideration the burden put on the tax payers of California, if people who have committed a crime are released back onto the streets with out the accountability of someone who has pledged to supervise them directly or indirectly through a bond (where usually a friend or family member is responsible for making sure they return to court) it is likely they will offend with out any consequences and in some cases the crimes might be greater. A bail bond agent has the financial incentive to insure that his clients appear in court, in a system with out that incentive offenders who do not appear in court will not be searched for there for justice not served for the victims of his crimes of he/she never has to appear in court to answer for the crime committed, that is also a disservice to the law abiding citizen upon whom a crimes was committed, there for the individual hurts the citizen, then the judicial system fails that tax paying citizen.

  2. I just hope all the true facts and figures will be stated and that someone will be looking at the probable repercussions when “pre-trial” administrators make life threating decisions. I would not want this job.

    • Considering they are held accountable for ZERO, what do they have to lose. “The computer algorithm told me to release him!” ??‍♂️

  3. California is becoming a haven for illegals and criminals.Ridiculous one party state. My once great stare has been ruined.

  4. Start making citizens in California more important than criminals and illegal immigrants. My friends and I (20) of us want the Democrat politicians to step down from office. We are tired of all of you and your siding with everyone but citizens.

  5. never again should we vote for these politicians who don’t look after the American people!!!

  6. This dangerous and irresponsible. Is anyone accountable for their actions anymore? Bail reform in california is a joke it will only help protect the Criminal!!

  7. Why would anyone want to let criminals out for free!!! Do you think them people are actually going to get out and vote for you.

  8. They say the bill will make things fair for poor people and that posting bail is hard for them. Many drug cases have a bail of $5000-$10,000. I have seen bail companies post these bonds with only $50-$100 down sometimes even $0 down. If they are spending their money on drugs how is it “not fair” that a company chargesto get them out? In my experience most of these charges come from repeat offenders but now they get a free pass to do it again and again. After reading the bill it was apparent to me that the author has never worked in any type of law-enforcement. This is bad all around.

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