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Criminal Justice Reform (CJR - also referred to as "Bail Reform") is sweeping the country...promoting the unaccountable release of violent offenders by using a "black box" algorithm commonly referred to as a PSA (Pretrial Screening Assessment).

Our mission is to provide Real-Time updates on Criminal Justice Reform issues and expose the dangers and recklessness of CJR to citizens, victims, voters, legislators, and law enforcement.  You may have heard one side of the story...now hear the other side.

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Who Is US Bail Reform?


Chris Blaylock

Founder, bondsman, father, husband, and part-time amateur journalist

In my mid-teens, it was not uncommon for me to be at the county jail in Fairfax, VA. I was there as my mom or step-fathers side-kick (depending on whose turn it was to get up in the middle of the night) to help with the paperwork to post bail for someone in need of a bond. I would like to think I was there because they needed my help, but the truth is, I was there to learn a lesson.

Commercial bail has traditionally been misunderstood by the masses. Aside from the fact that commercial bail serves the defendant (in release), the court (in assuring a defendants appearance), and the victim (in the guaranty that defendants will answer for their charges), there is a human side to bail.

It was a common occurrence for my parents (and me) to sit at the jail for hours at a time with the family, waiting for the release of their loved one. It was not uncommon for my mom or step-dad to give a defendant a ride home, something to eat, arrange referrals for rehabs for the family, or even arrange a place for the defendant to sleep for the night. They didn’t have to do all that…they chose to. That was the lesson…the human side.

I am now a commercial bail agency owner in New Jersey, Ground Zero for bail reform.

I am a husband of 10 years and father of two. I take my son to swim meets, karate practice, and guitar lessons. I work side by side with my mother in our bail agency and I am available to my clients 24 hours a day.

I started USBailReform.com for one simple reason…I could not continue to stand by silent and listen to the false narrative being told about the commercial bail industry any longer.

New Jersey got it wrong…even if their intentions were pure. Now, the bail reform “movement” is sweeping the country promoting the unaccountable release of thousands of offenders…all on the taxpayers dime. I am here to tell you a different story than the one you may be hearing.

There is a meaningful and human way to address the necessary changes to the bail system – one that advocates for pretrial release for those that warrant it and one that provides the necessary layer of accountability for those that pose a risk.

With USBailRefom.com, my only hope is that I am able to offer an alternative view of bail reform…one that encourages both accountability and balance.

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I’m a Bail Bondsman Who’s Tired of Being Demonized

(published by the Marshall Project and Vice.com - June 1 2017)