1. This new bail reform is the worst. I was beat and throw into a wall, almost beat with a bat. and the person only got locked up for 6 days. and he have a VERY BAD HISTORY OF DOING THIS. Come to find out he just did his in July to another young lady. So i guess they want him to kill someone. This is a sad day in hell

  2. There is nothing good that can come from this very ridiculous, dangerous Bill and it must be repealed! Immediately!!
    As for Governor Christie, You have the blood on your hands and you are no better than the criminals that are being released under this ridiculous, dangerous, ludicrous bill. How do you sleep at night?? You have put the public safety and all LEO’s lives in serious danger. I could only hope that one of these criminals that have been released, do not hurt someone that you love. Or even worse.
    Maybe that is what it will take for you and every other politician who backed this bill, to Wake The Hell Up!!!!

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