(Letter) NJ Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak warns California lawmakers that bail reform is an “absolute disaster”

Bob Andrzejczak

As California lawmakers consider their own version of bail reform in the form of Senate Bill 10, New Jersey Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak wrote a letter to California Assemblyman Speaker Anthony Rendon warning him that New Jersey’s bail reform law is an “absolute disaster.”

The law went into effect this past January and it has been an absolute disaster. The public safety needs of citizens in New Jersey has suffered far greater than could have been imagined. The costs to the state have increased exponentially and, even worse, the constitutional rights of many of the accused are being infringed.

– Bob Andrzejczak

To combat the ever growing problem of NJ Bail Reform, Assemblyman Andrzejczak has sponsored Assembly Bill No. 4958 which establishes new parameters for preventative detention which would provide a much needed stop-gap for the continual unaccountable release of offenders.