Adetokunbo O. Akinnaso, 64

Adetokunbo O. Akinnaso, 64

Adetokunbo O. Akinnaso, 64

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  1. My child was involved in the incident, I am baffled at the fact she committed this act all while the school as well as the state kept my family in the dark for days. I am Perplexed she was able to be charged then immediately set free. In one hand your saying the situation was horrible and she should be arrested and charged. And then right after the arresting, you say she is no threat?

    Who’s decision is it to say she is no threat? Did she have to take the situation too far and stab my son for her to be considered a threat of flight risk?A weapon was used to intimidate my 4 year old child, A knife placed in his hand as he was told she will cut his fingers off!!!

    So its ok to threaten to cut off the fingers of a child?

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