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We at Charleston Jail Watch take crime against law-abiding citizens very seriously, along with crime across the spectrum. The Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center has become not only complacent, but a willing participant in the release of violent offenders in the streets of the Charleston area on personal recognizance bonds, better know as “p.r.” bonds. The Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center accepted a lucrative grant from the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (or CJCC) of over $2,250,000 to lessen the jail population by instilling a computer algorithm system rather that the previous human risk evaluation system, which has proven to be more effective. The goal of this program was to lessen the jail population by releasing non-violent offenders I.E., people with poss. of marijuana charges, but rather it has released a slew of violent offenders out on p.r. bonds. The goal of Charleston Jail Watch is to better help the citizens of Charleston understand the dangers of Bail Reform, and what you can do to stop it.

– Charleston Jail Watch

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