North Arlington, NJ – Repeat offender, twice released this year under NJ Bail Reform, arrested again for drugs and weapons charges

Danny J. Lazo

The Revolving Door of NJ Bail Reform Continues…

Danny J. Lazo, 31, an ex-con who has spent no less than 6-years of his life behind bars, was arrested twice this year for resisting arrest by force and eluding police in June, then for hindering by trying to get witnesses to recant the following month – was released and FREE TO GO both times under NJ Bail Reform.

Lazo is back in jail – this time for possession of marijuana and a pellet gun that was discovered after a recent traffic stop.

The revolving door of unaccountable NJ Bail Reform continues to release those charged after the Arnold Foundation’s “Pretrial Risk Assessment” tool determined he was not a danger to the community or a flight risk and therefore should not be subject to any accountable release – just a “promise” to appear.

More “validated pretrial risk assessment” Failures.

New Jersey Bail Reform, Risk Assessments, and Pretrial Release Services…

ZERO Accountability
ZERO Deterrent
ZERO Supervision
ZERO concern for victims
ZERO Bail…just a “pinky promise” to return
Bail Reform – Dangerous, Reckless, and a Taxpayer Burden

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NJ Bail Reform: Twice-Freed North Arlington Ex-Con Busted Again

(reported by Jerry DeMarco of the Daily Voice – Nov 27, 2017)

New Jersey’s bail reform law strikes again: A two-time North Arlington ex-con freed by judges after two recent arrests will likely return to state prison if he’s convicted of carrying a firearm during a traffic stop.

Danny J. Lazo, 31, who’s spent more than six years of his life in prison, was arrested twice in Essex County earlier this year — for resisting arrest by force and eluding police in June, then for hindering his prosecution by trying to get witnesses to recant the following month, records show.

Each time a judge released him, with conditions, under New Jersey’s 2017 bail reform law, records show.

Lazo had served two prison stretches for robbery convictions — one from February 2007 to late December 2011, and another from January 2013 to March 2015 — both out of Essex, as well.

He remained held in the Hudson County Detention Center in Kearny pending a hearing following an arrest last Tuesday in Jersey City, apparently after a traffic stop turned up pot and a pellet gun.

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