Man steals jail officer’s car 30 minutes after “free release” on handgun charge

"Catch and Release" Alive and Well...

Davon Fuller, 23 (Photo: Live 5 News)

“Catch and Release” alive and well in Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Davon Fuller, 23, is accused of stealing a correctional officer’s car from the parking lot next to the jail just 30 minutes after getting released on his own recognizance on a charge of unlawfully carrying a pistol.

Live 5 News broke the story…

Police: Holly Hill man ‘needed a ride’ after release, stole officer’s car from jail parking lot


A Holly Hill man is facing a grand larceny charge because of what he allegedly did in a jail parking lot just 30 minutes after he got out.

Davon Fuller, 23, is accused of stealing a jail officer’s car from the parking lot next to the Berkeley County jail just 30 minutes after he was set free.

Investigators say the car allegedly stolen by Fuller apparently was unlocked, had a spare set of keys inside, and the deputy had left his gun in the car.

Fuller was being held on a charge of unlawful carrying of a pistol when a magistrate gave him a get out of jail free card Monday night.

But Moncks Corner police say surveillance video showed Fuller stuck around, hung out in a gazebo by the jail and then tried to open the doors on several cars.

Investigators say Fuller found an unlocked car that belonged to a working detention deputy.

They say a spare set of keys was inside along with the officer’s gun.

Police say Fuller decided to steal the car.

Early Tuesday morning, Fuller and the deputy’s car were found in St. Stephen. The deputy’s gun was still inside.

Bonneau Police Chief Franco Fuda worked with St. Stephen Police and the sheriff’s office to make the arrest.

Fuda says they asked Fuller why he stole the car.

“The only response he had was that he needed a ride,” Fuda said.

Authorities also asked Fuller why he decided to drive to Palmetto Road in St. Stephen. Apparently there was an old ID in the car that indicated the deputy lives at that location.

Fuller told authorities he was thinking about returning the car to the owner.

“He used the victim’s GPS program to take him to that house,” Fuda said.”He had the GPS on his lap when we pulled him out of the car.”

It turned out the deputy’s family members lived in a house at that location.

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