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  1. I support Duane and Beth Chapman and their entire family always no matter what just like thousands of other issues our government has screwed up in the last eight years this is another example of stupidity. Always going overboard in the wrong direction our government needs to wake up without bounty hunters thousands of criminals would be running around this country let alone all the people they’ve woke up to change their lives millions of idiots everyday who believe they arent accountable to go to court as not appearing to be stopped to do every type of law breaking activities by not being made to check in with a parole officer or bondsman’s go out and break more laws there are thousands the police can’t get with or without bondsmen there’s millions who escape the police knowing they are breaking laws because they aren’t on parole but if made to be accountable to bondsmen then someone is watching them they revocate before police know they are running amuck our governments cutting more good programs but should think first if this bill goes through our country’s in huge trouble they have cut every police dept. And parole officers so overly worked they cant keep up now our unthoughtful idiotic government wants to do away with bondsman’s that pickup the SLA land overload of criminals that law enforcement can’t handle god help this country…..I am going to speak out and encourage all around me so I have a clear conscience when the criminals take over do more and more and this group in government now will sit back later if this happens and say I thought I was doing right but opps I wasn’t…let alone all those who can say if it wasn’t for the chapmens getting me or all the other bondsmen out helping turn people lives around by caring and holding me accountable I wouldn’t have changed my life…they accomplish more than large programs my family was hurt by death of step son because of government cuts already God help this country if we don’t wake up to the arrogant demise our governments causing this country…Get on the phones computers and scream at your senators to keep our bounty hunters and bailsmen or we are going to be over run by crimals and the stupidy of the idea of doing this we don’t have another way to capture these crimals or ability to hold them accountable the police and. Courts marshals don’t intervene except the worst and even then fal short for years WAKE UP AMERICA STAND BEHIND OUR BOUNTY HUNTERS AND BONDSMANS !!!!! WITHOUT THEM AND THE CHAPMANS THIS COUNTRYS CRIMINALS ARE GOINTO TAKE OVER….BUT MAYBE THATS WHAT THW GOVERNMENT WANTS SO THEY CAN DECLARE MARSHAL LAW OR PLAIN TURN OUR COUNTRY INTO THE OLD WEST AGAIN TO CONTROL POPULATION THAT WAY…..BUT I GUESS UNTIL IT AFFECTS A LAW MAKERS FAMILY PERSONALLY IT DONT MATTER….BUT IF IT DID OUR LAW MAKERS WOULD BE DOING WHATEVER IT TOOK TO PROTECT THIER OWN…..GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY AND GOD BLESS YOU BETH DOG BABY LYSA LEIMAN DUANE LEE AND YOUNG BLOOD AND ALL OTHERS….WILL DO MY BEST TO KEEP PRAYING SUPPORTING AND HOPING ALL WAKE UP AND STOP THIS NOW……

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