Albuquerque, NM – Co-defendant on parole charged with 1st degree MURDER, armed robbery, bribery, FREE TO GO under NM Bail Reform

Jaycob Price

Jaycob Price, of Albuquerque, was arrested on December 15 on charges of First Degree Murder (felony murder), armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, possession of a firearm or destructive device by a felon, bribery of a witness, tampering with evidence, and conspiracy to commit bribery of a witness.

Price is the co-defendant and son of murder suspect Joe Price – who also has been released and FREE TO GO under NM Bail Reform. Price is currently on parole for aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon.

After his arrest, Price was later released by Judge Cindy Leos and FREE TO GO under NM Bail Reform after the Arnold Foundation’s “Pretrial Risk Assessment” tool determined that he was not a danger to the community or a flight risk and therefore should not be subject to any accountable release – just a “promise” to appear.

The release is the result of newly enacted Supreme Court guidelines orchestrated by Chief Justice Daniels that virtually eliminates accountable pretrial release and bail for criminal defendants.

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New Mexico Bail Reform, Risk Assessments, and Pretrial Services

Chief Justice Charles Daniels
  • ZERO Accountability
  • ZERO Deterrent
  • ZERO Supervision
  • ZERO concern for victims
  • ZERO Bail…just a “pinky promise” to return
  • Bail Reform – Dangerous, Reckless, and a Taxpayer Burden

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Bail Reform is reckless and dangerous – with zero regard for victims or criminal accountability.

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  1. UNBELIEVABLE! But here in Albuquerque NM. Its really no big suprise 2Us Citizens that live here. Our laws here in N.M. suck. And I think I can 99.9% of us do believe that inocent people get treated harder with punishment than the criminals that are really do aweful things & they get just a slap on the hand, let go & basically saying 2them…go do it again & its going 2be the same punishment again..

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