Delaware: TAKE ACTION and OPPOSE SB-221, SB-222 Amending the State Constitution and Criminal Code

SAY NO TO DE SB221 & SB222

Delaware…we urgently need you to TAKE ACTION!

Delaware Senator Bryan Townsend has introduced two bills – SB 221and SB 222 that have dangerous consequences if passed by lawmakers.
SB 221 – “Act to Amend the State Constitution” 

SB 221 would amend the state constitution to allow judges to deny the right to bail for defendants the state chooses.  On its surface, this seems reasonable but these types of bail reform efforts in other states have led to the near total elimination of bail and criminal accountability, led to the unsecured release of repeat criminals who quickly re-offend, and have actually increased incarceration in states that have passed similar legislation.

SB 222 – “An Act to amend the laws regarding release of persons accused of crimes”

SB 222 virtually eliminates financial conditions of bail on the mistaken concept that bail unfairly punishes the poor.  In fact, the judiciary already has broad discretion in bail setting and releasing low-level criminal defendants and those charged with misdemeanors on their own recognizance.

Delaware has already passed bail reform with the recent legislation HB-204…allowing for pretrial alternatives in some cases and defining a more robust due process procedure for criminal defendants.

Senate Bill 221 and 222 is too radical for Delaware.

TAKE ACTION to stop it by emailing legislators below and let them know that HB-204 was enough…and that now is not the time for this dangerous legislation.

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